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Methodist Temple staff
Andy Payton
Randy Moore
David & Kara Joy Baker

Traditional Music Directors

Amanda Batts

Contemporary Worship Director

Barbara Waite
Cassandra Brusie

Director of Adult Discipleship

Maggie Harding

Children's Ministry Co-Director

Temple KIDZ

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Lindsey Patterson

Children's Ministry Co-Director

Ryan Buxton

Director of Youth Ministries

Temple Time

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Temple Youth

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Andrea Wallace

Director of Operations

Jennifer Farthing

Administrative Assistant

Alicia Boston
Maggie Selby

Director of Communications and Production

Custodial & Maintenance

Dan Alldredge

Bob Attebery

Brian Harvey

Evelyn Parkman

Temple Hills Caretakers

David & Tina Gayhart

812-476-1306 (Lodge reservations)

812-789-2480 (Campground info)

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Children's Center
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